Publikationen 2022

Heterogeneity of the Relative Benefits of TICI 2c/3 over TICI 2b50/2b67

Kurmann CC, Mujanovic A, Piechowiak EI, Dobrocky T, Zibold F, Beyeler M, Vynckier J, Seiffge D, Meinel TR, Mordasini P, Arnold M, Fischer U, Gralla J, Kaesmacher J.


Love bite: An unusual differential diagnosis of an adverse reaction following the application of a gadolinium-based contrast agent

Boehm IB, Sah BR


Systematic literature review on the benefit of patient protection shielding during medical X-ray imaging: Towards a discontinuation of the current practice

Samara ET, Saltybaeva N, Sans Merce M, Gianolini S, Ith M


Insights Into Myocardial Oxygenation and Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Tissue Biomarkers in Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction

Fischer K, Guensch DP, Jung B, King I, von Tengg-Kobligk H, Giannetti N, Eberle B, Friedrich MG


Chronic Covert Brain Infarctions and White Matter Hyperintensities in Patients With Stroke, Transient Ischemic Attack, and Stroke Mimic

Epstein A, Schilter M, Vynckier J, Kaesmacher J, Mujanovic A, Scutelnic A, Beyeler M, Belachew NF, Grunder L, Arnold M, Seiffge DJ, Jung S, Fischer U, Meinel TR


Diagnostic validation of a deep learning nodule detection algorithm in low-dose chest CT: determination of optimized dose thresholds in a virtual screening scenario

Peters AA, Huber AT, Obmann VC, Heverhagen JT, Christe A, Ebner L


Multimodality imaging of cardiac B-cell lymphoma

Boscolo Berto M, Spano G, Rhyner D, Huber AT, Gräni C


Pituitary volume in adolescents with non-suicidal self-injury: Preliminary evidence for alterations in pituitary maturation

Schär S, Mürner-Lavanchy I, Slavova N, Lerch S, Reichl C, Brunner R, Koenig J, Kaess M.


Body composition assessment: comparison of quantitative values between magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography

Zaffina C, Wyttenbach R, Pagnamenta A, Grasso RF, Biroli M, Del Grande F, Rizzo S.


Reproducibility of 4D cardiac computed tomography feature tracking myocardial strain and comparison against speckle-tracking echocardiography in patients with severe aortic stenosis

Bernhard B, Grogg H, Zurkirchen J, Demirel C, Hagemeyer D, Okuno T, Brugger N, De Marchi S, Huber AT, Berto MB, Spano G, Stortecky S, Windecker S, Pilgrim T, Gräni C.


Response assessment after stereotactic body radiation therapy for spine and non-spine bone metastases: results from a single institutional study

Correia D, Moullet B, Cullmann J, Heiss R, Ermiş E, Aebersold DM, Hemmatazad H. 


Bildgebung in der gelenkerhaltenden Hüftchirurgie (Imaging in joint-preserving hip surgery)

Meier MK, Lerch TD, Hanke MS, Tannast M, Steppacher SD, Schmaranzer F. 


Diagnosis of acetabular retroversion: Three signs positive and increased retroversion index have higher specificity and higher diagnostic accuracy compared to isolated positive cross over sign

Lerch TD, Meier MK, Boschung A, Steppacher SD, Siebenrock KA, Tannast M, Schmaranzer F


Minimal Out-Toeing and Good Hip Scores of Severe SCFE Patients Treated With Modified Dunn Procedure and Contralateral Prophylactic Pinning at Minimal 5-year Follow up

Lerch TD, Boschung A, Leibold C, Kalla R, Kerkeni H, Baur H, Eichelberger P, Steppacher SD, Liechti EF, Siebenrock KA, Tannast M, Ziebarth K


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) For Predicting Pathological Changes In The Aorta: Is It Ready For Clinical Use?

Obrist D, von Tengg-Kobligk H


Combined Analysis of Myocardial Deformation and Oxygenation Detects Inducible Ischemia Unmasked by Breathing Maneuvers in Chronic Coronary Syndrome

Spicher B, Fischer K, Zimmerli ZA, Yamaji K, Ueki Y, Bertschinger CN, Jung B, Otsuka T, Bigler MR, Gräni C, von Tengg-Kobligk H, Räber L, Eberle B, Guensch DP


School-age structural and functional MRI and lung function in children following lung resection for congenital lung malformation in infancy

Willers C, Maager L, Bauman G, Cholewa D, Stranzinger E, Raio L, Casaulta C, Latzin P


T1 reduction rate with Gd-EOB-DTPA determines liver function on both 1.5 T and 3 T MRI

Obmann VC, Catucci D, Berzigotti A, Gräni C, Ebner L, Heverhagen JT, Christe A, Huber AT


MRI lung lobe segmentation in pediatric cystic fibrosis patients using a recurrent neural network trained with publicly accessible CT datasets

Pusterla O, Heule R, Santini F, Weikert T, Willers C, Andermatt S, Sandkühler R, Nyilas S, Latzin P, Bieri O, Bauman G


Avoiding the Intercostal Arteries in Percutaneous Thoracic Interventions

Misura T, Drakopoulos D, Mitrakovic M, Loennfors T, Primetis E, Hoppe H, Obmann VC, Huber AT, Ebner L, Christe A


MRI Shows Lung Perfusion Changes after Vaping and Smoking

Nyilas S, Bauman G, Korten I, Pusterla O, Singer F, Ith M, Groen C, Schoeni A, Heverhagen JT, Christe A, Rodondi N, Bieri O, Geiser T, Auer R, Funke-Chambour M, Ebner L


Diagnostic performance of quantitative coronary artery disease assessment using computed tomography in patients with aortic stenosis undergoing transcatheter aortic-valve implantation

Malebranche D, Hoffner MKM, Huber AT, Cicovic A, Spano G, Bernhard B, Bartkowiak J, Okuno T, Lanz J, Räber L, Praz F, Stortecky S, Windecker S, Pilgrim T, Gräni C


The Octopus Sign—A New HRCT Sign in Pulmonary Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis

Poellinger A, Berezowska S, Myers JL, Huber A, Funke-Chambour M, Guler S, Geiser T, Harari S, Caminati A, Zompatori M, Sverzellati N


Aspiration Versus Stent Retriever Thrombectomy for Distal, Medium Vessel Occlusion Stroke in the Posterior Circulation: A Subanalysis of the TOPMOST Study

Meyer L, Stracke P, Wallocha M, Broocks G, Sporns P, Piechowiak EI, Kaesmacher J, Maegerlein C, Hernandez Petzsche MR, Dorn F, Zimmermann H, Naziri W, Abdullayev N, Kabbasch C, Behme D, Jamous A, Maus V, Fischer S, Möhlenbruch M, Weyland CS, Langner S, Meila D, Miszczuk M, Siebert E, Lowens S, Krause LU, Yeo L, Tan B, Gopinathan A, Gory B, Galván-Fernández J, Schüller M, Navia P, Raz E, Shapiro M, Arnberg F, Zeleňák K, Martínez-Galdámez M, Kastrup A, Papanagiotou P, Kemmling A, Psychogios M, Andersson T, Chapot R, Fiehler J, Hanning U