Publikationen 2021

Impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on the care of patients with acute and chronic aortic conditions

Czerny et al. (including van den Berg JC)


Association of Time of Day When Endovascular Therapy for Stroke Starts and Functional Outcome

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The Lisbon agreement on femoroacetabular impingement Imaging - part 2: general issue, Parameters, and reporting

Mascarenhas V, Castro M, Afonso P, Rego P, Dienst M, Sutter R, Schmaranzer F et al.


The Lisbon agreement on femoroacetabular impingement Imaging - part 3: imaging techniques

Castro M, Mascarenhas V, Afonso P, Rego P, Schmaranzer F, et al.


Pulmonary function and radiological features four months after COVID-19: first results from the national prospective observational Swiss COVID-19 lung study

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Sampling Method Affects HR-MAS NMR Spectra of Healthy Caprine Brain Biopsies

Häni A, Diserens G, Oevermann A, Vermathen P, Precht C


A Cam Morphology Develops in the Early Phase of the Final Growth Spurt in Adolescent Ice Hockey Players: Results of a Prospective MRI-based Study

Hange M, Schmaranzer F, Steppacher S, Reichenbach S, Werlen S, Siebenrock K


Accuraccy of the end-expiratory lung volume measured by the modified nitrogen washout/washin technique: a bench study

Berger-Estilita J, Haenggi M, Ott D, Berger D


Best Practices: Hip Femoroacetabular Impingement

Schmaranzer F, Kheterpal A, Bredella M


Treatment and Outcome in Stroke Patients With Acute M2 Occlusion an Minor Neurological Deficits

Drobocky T, Piechowiak E, Volbers B, Slavova N, Kaesmacher J, Meinel T, Arnold M, Fischer U, Jung S, Gralla J, Mordasini P, Heldner M


Safety and efficacy of intra-arterial fibrinolytics as adjunct to mechanical thrombectomy: a systematic review and meta Analysis of observational data

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Bridging May Increase the Risk of Symptomatic Intracranial Hemorrhage in Thrombectomy Patients With Low Alberta Stroke Program Early Computed Tomography Score

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Lung clearance index predicts pulmonary exacerbations in individuals with primary ciniary dyskinesia: a multicentre cohort study

Singer F, Schlegtendal A, Nyilas S, Vermeulen F, Boon M, Koerner-Rettberg C


Influence of ventilation inhomogeneity on diffusing capacity of carbon monoxide in smokers without chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Cardiac Graft Assessment in the Era of Machine Perfusion: Current and Future Biomarkers

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